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Picked up a couple of the first wave 3D covers for the DC futures end event. Hard decisions of which ones do I want most! #comicpickups #comics #DC #futuresend


With massive apologies to Dr. Seuss written by GHERU 

Every Fan
Down in basements
Like Batman a lot.

But Darth Didio
With his head up his ass
Did not.

Didio hated comics! The whole damn industry
No one is sure why, it’s just his tendency.
It has been said that his brain was incomplete,
It has been said that his soul was obsolete.
But I think that the most likely reason of all,
May have been that his Dick* was two sizes too small.

(*Grayson, that is. Come on, this is a children’s poem!)

You understand the truth.
The Grinch is real.
Hating the fanboys is pretty much his whole deal,
And who could blame him?
Anyone who’s met one would join in.
But worse, they take to the net and spread the word:
Darth Didio, The Dinch, is a turd

"And they are expecting their comics," he said, with a sneer.
Detective Comics #27 is what they hold dear.”
Then he smiled, for he had an idea
For he is a dictator (just think “North Korea”)
Because, now he knew…

…All the fangirls and boys,
Would pay out the nose for this book with this ploy.
"So, then, let’s screw them all!’ he sang to Jim Lee.
"Subscribers shall not get the comic they desire… Now back on your knees"

Then word was sent out, through the mail (the slow kind)
Hoping no one would mind
That an $8 book
(You read that right, 800 cents, the comic took)
Would not come to subscribers homes, here, take a look:

You See!
He did something you won’t like at all.
To subscribers he said,”Find a store, maybe the mall.
For you will not receive your issue this month
It is too expensive, and we don’t like you that much.”

Then the fans, young and old (but mostly old), would sit down to tweet.
And they’d tweet! And they’d tweet!
They would tweet #FIREDIDIO, and “old DC’s neat,”
Which was something the Dinch couldn’t stand in the least!
My editor replied “It’s a BS double standard!”
Green Lantern anyone?” he demanded an answer.

I cannot continue with this tale.
My head hurts from too much ale.
If you think this was not hard,
You go ahead and try to be a bard.

But, the story is (mostly) true.
Would we lie to you?
In a parody Christmas poem written by a Jew?
Subscribers will be screwed, of this we are sure.
For Bleeding Cool’s tales are always secure

Now, don’t get all wary, little Mary Lou Fan,
I will answer your query as best as I can.
We know at the Outhouse how to end this encounter
That’s right, sound the alarms, and reset the counter!






In the next panel, Batman literally bites her face off. 

No he doesn’t. He literally kisses her feet and literally tries to appropriate her culture, which she responds to by literally kicking him in the face, gently enough so she doesn’t crush his skull (which she easily could because she has superpowers, but she’s a good person so she doesn’t even though he is literally a huge jerk).
I just used the word literally correctly there. You should try that in the future.

holy shit the amazingatheist reblogged me one time apparently
i didn’t even know who this asshole loser was a year ago
my life was so much better for it

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think he’s on tumblr anymore
And you’re cooler than he is



A new story arc begins here as Batwoman adjusts to her new partner and her new role in the war on crime.

Guest-starring Batman!

Written by: J.H. Williams, III.
Art by: Trevor McCarthy.
Cover by: Trevor McCarthy, W. Haden Blackman.
Variant Cover by: Trevor McCarthy.
Color/B&W: Color.
Page Count: 32.

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