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Characters Needed For Glee/Pokémon RP - Gleeful Pokémon Masters!
Welcome to Kanto, a land where people and creatures, called Pokémon, live hand in hand. Many teenagers dream of making their living in the Pokémon industry, either by training them, breeding them or entering into contests. However, the reality of the situation is that very few people make it. These days, only the very rich or talented can become Pokémon masters.
Professor Lopez, an expert in the Pokémon research field, has just developed the Pokédex and immediately sees an opportunity to further his research and invites all 16-18 year old from all across Kanto, to submit an application form into him. If successful, they will be sent off into the world with a Pokémon, from his private collection, and a pokédex. Their mission? To collect data on all the Pokémon living in Kanto, with each successful applicant being given a stipend per entry they add to their pokédex. 
With this incredible opportunity, now available to them, a group of brave teens are now gathering in Celadon City, anxious to receive their first Pokémon and venture out into the world. But when the world is full of perils, such as the criminal organisation, Team Rocket, who know what lies in store for these young adventurers?
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Quinn Fabray - Taken
Santana Lopez - Taken
Dave Karofsky - Taken
Mike Chang - Open
Blaine Anderson - Open
Kurt Hummel - Open
Sebastian Smythe - Open
Finn Hudson - Open
Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman - Open
Sam Evans - Open
Artie Abrams - Open
Rory Flannigan - Open
Brittany Pierce - Open
Rachel Berry - Open
Mercedes Jones - Open
Tina Cohen-Chang - Open
Sugar Motta - Open
Harmony Pearce - Open
Sunshine Corazon - Open
We will accept OC’s/Other Glee characters but only once we feel we have enough of the main canon characters. We are prepared to accept twins, but only if the canon sibling has already been cast and agrees to having a sibling.
Made for a friends RP
Tina for me and Allan’s hZeroes Rp

There are so many possibilities with the pink hair, for all we know Tina and Quinn became besties over summer and Asian fusion convinced her to get higlights

Yes Mike had to be involved…. She’s been sucked in with his knowledge of pokemon and Tina’s need to be original.