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Many Characters Open For Glee/Pokemon AU RP
The world is filled with different types of Pokémon, all with different powers and abilities. For the most part, they live in harmony with people. Research into Pokémon has been carried out for years, and the results have benefited mankind tremendously. Pokémon are now found in nearly every part of society. 
It had been a popular aspiration for young people to want to take on the Pokemon League, setting out on Journeys battling gyms. Having a Pokémon companion is an every occurrence however in the past ten years the economy has caused many of the labs, breeding centers and academies went bankrupt, less funding for those who wanted to go on journeys. 
Five years before a project was launched in Kanto funding teens in their travels around the region, in trade for the research collected from their Pokedexs. This expedition injected more interest into the industry and relit the dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master for many.
Kanto’s financial troubles have slowly gotten better, but are far from over. With this in mind, many trainers and Pokémon enthusiasts have moved over to the more affluent Johto, the centre of trade in the Pokémon World, to try their luck at a new life or take a run at the Johto League and become a Pokémon master.

The bad news is I fucked my exes girlfriend. The good news is I 100% understand why he left me.

I couldn’t help myself when I scrolled past it.

Glee failure: Portraying violence and obsessive/possessive behavior as romantic and heroic instead of wrong and dangerous
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