Hey! Welcome to my tumblr of… stuff! :D

This blog has been a pile up of random stuff and various fandoms over the years. I'm just a person who spends far too much time online... If you want or need to talk my ask box is always open.


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Another banner change, jumping straight to Christmas because its near the end of November anyways
When I get bored I doodle my friends badly… Aine seems to wear hats lately, so I drew her in a hat… it just looks like my silly doodles of me.
Jim: “Guys… can someone explain why Sid came downstairs with elf ears?”
Roark: “We had a drunken gaming night, remember?”
Jim: “No.”
Sid: “Not really…How did I get these?”
Roark: “You said to master Zelda you must become Zelda… but you look more like Link”
Sid: “Fuck you man!”
Jim: “They look so real.”
Roark: “Wait, how is looking like the male character a bad thing?”
Suit Up!
Wasted most of the day watching Dr Who and making a banner for Halloween… sucked up a good bit of time now what? >.<
I really need to stop procrastinating and do some admin stuff on the rps… but no lol